Self-Confidence vs Beliefs

From conception through to roughly 7 years of age, our subconscious programming and beliefs about ourselves and our environment are set by absorbing what happens around us.  This includes family life, time at school or out at play with friends or spending time with Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles and so on.  This also means that a child that spends a lot of time outside in nature observing the natural world will form subconscious programming by taking in and absorbing what goes on around him or her outdoors.   This becomes the program that starts playing out in our daily lives from 8 years old through to adulthood in the form of habits, behaviours and of course – beliefs.

Often we hear people make comments about how their husband or wife behaves just like their mother, or father: and this is because it is a learned habit or behaviour that has been programmed into the subconscious mind. 

Perhaps when you were a child in school something happened in class that formed a belief for yourself that you were not good enough.  It could have been a project you were working on, spending hours trying your very best.  When you handed the project into your teacher you were told it could have been better, or that you needed to do it again as it wasn’t right. 

This could have absolutely crushed you, leaving you with a belief that you were not good enough and the thought that you probably needn’t bother because it won’t be good enough.

The teacher, however, may not have meant their words in that way at all and would be horrified to think that their words had had such a dramatic effect on you.

Our PERCEPTION of events and situations is what creates the beliefs, the programming at the subconscious level of our mind and this is what drives us each and every day.

It is suggested that 95% of our day is driven from our subconscious mind whilst our conscious mind, our thinking and creative mind, only operates at 5% and if you observe your current life situation – it is a mere reflection of your subconscious programming.

How is that program working for you? 

If you would like to change the program, to change any limiting or self-sabotaging beliefs or programs at the subconscious level of your mind – you can.

PSYCH-K® is a super-fast, simple and effective way to make incredible changes in your life and this approach can be used with ANY aspect in your life by transforming your subconscious BELIEFs around it, for example:

  • lack of confidence to apply for a particular job/promotion
  • inability to stand up in front of people and give a presentation
  • stage freeze – when asked to give an opinion in a meeting
  • wanting to do something you know you can do but terrified of failure/embarrassment
  • interested in pursuing a relationship but believe that you are not good enough
  • always feeling you have to try really hard because what you do is never good enough
  • doubting your own judgment – never trusting yourself to make the right choice

This list can just go on and on.   

These limiting beliefs stop us from being the best version of ourselves every day – but they CAN be changed.  The subconscious programming CAN be re-written.  YOU can change it and your life can change too. 

The PSYCH-K® approach does not diagnose, cure or heal any situation or condition and does not replace professional medical treatment – what it does do is help you modify or change any limiting beliefs held at the subconscious level of your mind – helping you change the print-out of your life.

For more information on how the PSYCH-K® approach can help you with any confidence or self-esteem issues, please visit or email with your query.

Author: Laura Kirkwood

Laura Kirkwood is a qualified and experienced PSYCH-K®️ Facilitator who sees clients face to face and also does sessions via skype or whatsapp video call. Laura is also an experienced and well recommended Advanced Deep Tissue Massage Therapist, treating clients at her treatment room in Hardingstone, Northampton. She has her main client base in Northampton with a smaller client base in Broughton Astley, Leicestershire on Tuesdays. Laura works Monday to Friday from 11am - 7pm.