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October 2020

I have a chronic back condition so over the years I have seen lots of therapists, physio’s, massage therapists & osteopaths but I never had as much relief from anyone as I do after a massage with Laura. My neck gets all knotted and so painful and she manages to fix it. I pay £45 for an hour whenever my pain gets too much and I leave feeling so much lighter I can barely feel my neck. Laura also gives you stretches to do at home for when you start to seize up again they really help too!

18 July 2020

I did PSYCH-K®️ with Laura. I researched with the help of Bruce Liptons recommendation for this therapy, I found it very easy to do this work and Laura was a pleasure to work with she was empathic (a bonus) and easy to work with, after the work I went into probably the most challenging time of my life, I held my own and professionals around me were utterly impressed with how I conducted myself, the fears around what I was doing were very very manageable compared to the hurtling runaway trains they used to be, on reflection I had no experience of how profound this work would be for me.

18th April 2020

I am very privileged to have had the opportunity to have some sessions of PSYCH-K®️ with Laura for myself and my 8yr old daughter.
Laura is an amazing facilitator, she put me at ease and guided me through the process with love and care.
The effects of the PSYCH-K®️ sessions are deep, liberating and incredibly fast. I could see the change in my daughter’s behaviour soon after her sessions with Laura.
My heart is filled with gratitude and I would recommend everyone to experience PSYCH-K®️ with Laura.

12th February 2020

Laura is a caring, compassionate and intuitive PSYCH-K®️ facilitator.
When I was extremely sick, she did some remote work on my behalf and received extremely useful messages that were underlying my issue and helped me resolve them.
I am very grateful for the work she does and can highly recommend her for any type of session that she offers.

3rd February 2020

Thank you, Laura Kirkwood, for helping overcome my initial pessimistic views about PSYCH-K®️ & your willingness to work with me.  PSYCH-K®️ has helped me to change the way I feel about myself… My whole mentality has shifted positively & my whole outlook on life in general is not as gloomy as before. There’s this general norm by people (I was guilty of this before) who tend to only focus on the conscious mind. This is one seemingly slight error which has major consequences on psychological & behavioral issues. I used to underestimate the power of my subconscious mind. I was in awe when through my sessions with you I got to understand that my subconscious thoughts are the driving force behind my behavior, thought process & the effects it has on my external world.  Basically in “Coloquial language” I am “WOKE” thanks to PSYCH-K®️. I discovered that by neglecting my subconscious mind , I was unable to deal & change the toxic & negative beliefs that have been lying there unchallenged & directing my life. Some of the beliefs were taught from birth & I realized the need to replace them with new self-enhancing ones. For example a new Smartphone to include the Applications that will run on it are released out to run for a certain period of time but after a while there’s always an update in order to better the performance, and so using PSYCH-K®️ I am able to update my subconscious programming. After my sessions with you I’ve noticed how my mood has improved, I’m more optimistic about life & more loving & caring. I’d not hesitate to recommend it to anyone else. TBH I wasn’t convinced from the start that the sessions would bear fruit initially, since we were on different continents, I couldn’t help but feel the distance factor – but to my surprise it did bear fruit & I’ll forever be grateful for it.

25th January 2020

I have recently had a PSYCH-K ® session with Laura and the stuff that came up shocked me as I thought I had dealt with it, BUT clearly not. I was very emotional 😭 but once I realised this emotion I could work on it to let it go and clear it from my system. When I talk about those traumatic events in my life now, I no longer feel the pain or emotion as I did before. Thank you Laura for all your help. I will be booking in another session to work with early childhood trauma and other unresolved issues in my life. I’m very grateful for your help. 🙏💙

3rd September 2019

I’ve been recently getting lymphatic drainage massages with Laura and I 100% recomend her. She has been so welcoming and very supportive and I am so pleased with how she has made me feel at ease. After my first session, I immediately felt so much better and was presented with great advice to boost not only my physical state but also my mental state. A truly talented and caring professional. Thank you for everything!

20th August 2019

Laura and I have been working together for 4 weeks to reduce the effects of lymphoedema in my right arm as a result of breast cancer. She has taken time to get to know me, given me the knowledge and confidence to self massage and helped reduce the fluid retention in my arm by over 2% so far. My arm and fingers would swell up without warning and this no longer happens. Laura is incredibly down to earth, gives really practical solutions which suit your lifestyle, she is really knowledgeable and always thinking of new ways to try and help. I would highly recommend Laura.

2nd August 2019

It was like someone had taken the pain away and popped it into a box for safekeeping. I would recommend a regular massage to anyone, as it helps relieve my tension and pain on a long-term basis.

14 July 2019

From the first time I spoke to Laura I felt hopeful that she could help me with the painful swelling I had suffered from for over a year due to water retention. After my first lymphatic drain massage I saw a huge difference . Laura was very knowledgeable and gave me huge amounts of advice which has all really helped! Can’t recommend Laura enough !

March 2019

I absolutely recommend Laura of Kirkys Therapies! Laura is currently treating me for tendinitis in the shoulder and is doing an incredible job with deep tissue massage. She is extremely good at what she does and has provided me with some great advice and support. Big thank you Laura!

18th December 2018

Laura is simply amazing!! I had the great pleasure and privilege to receive not only a wonderful massage, but also a crucial PSYCH-K® session that truly helped me so much so fast, and which I really needed at the time! She’s fantastic, and I am so grateful! Also, the massage was my first ever in my life (I had a lot of blocks about that), so I was nervous at first, but Laura’s presence, her warmth, and kindness inspired a lot of confidence, and I’m very happy I took this step, because she truly has a magic touch, and she helped me get past a lot of fears with just that one session. Also, Laura helped me feel so relaxed, comfortable, and safe, and I really appreciate it. I warmly recommend her to anyone, and everyone!

Thank you so much, Laura, you help people in more ways than you realize, and you are such a pleasure to be around! Looking forward to seeing you again, and to our next sessions 🥰 Big big hug!! <3

P.S.: Amazing organizational skills as well, the PSYCH-K® workshop was fantastic, you did such a great job!!! 😘😘

15th October 2018

I arrived to a lovely welcome from Laura. Laura is a lovely, empathetic therapist who takes the time to listen and work towards addressing your individual needs. I have had a fantastic deep tissue massage and some PSYCH-K®which meant I was able to face my fear of flying and survive a 10 hour flight.

2nd October 2018

I started with Laura after a recommendation from my chiropractor, when I needed a deep tissue massage to help with my back problems.

Without a doubt, the deep tissue massages are helping.  I highly recommend to try Laura.

The new location in Stony Stratford is great too.

6 September 2018

Having booked my appointment in advance, I turned up with a banging headache. Laura gave me a full body massage, and concentrated on the “knotty” areas where I was tense. By the end of the hour, I felt relaxed and my tension headache had gone completely.

The place is easy to get to, close to the train station, and parking is opposite and free for 2 hours.

There are Gift Vouchers available and my lucky friends and family may very well be benefitting on their Birthdays and Christmas!

Thanks Laura… I would recommend your full body massage to anyone!

30 August 2018

Laura gave me Lymphatic Drainage Massage yesterday to treat Lymphodema.  I woke up this morning full of energy. My leg doesn’t ache and it is noticeably reduced in size. No adverse side effects! Thank you.

25 May 2018

Laura is very patient and kind I would definitely recommend her especially if you want to learn more about and explore alternative therapy. She is professional and provides great guidance.

Zoey M. – 5 Star – 23 May 2018

Laura is amazing.  I have been seeing her for a little over a month and the deep tissue massage that she has done has meant I am pain free for the first time in months, I have regained movement in my neck and shoulder and can do so much more than I was able to before I started treatment.   Not only is Laura a natural at seeking out where the problems are she is a lovely person too. An absolute star!! Thank you Laura for everything you have done.

20th May 2018

Incredible deep tissue massage from Laura. Reflexology is also amazing, really couldn’t ask for a better therapist!

19th May 2018
Brilliant therapist, love theReflexology – so relaxing. Can highly recommend.

10th May 2018
Absolute bliss!

2nd May 2018
Yet another reflexology treatment from Laura Kirkwood today.  I can highly recommend Laura, her reflexology at it’s best.  Laura’s expertise and understanding for this treatment is outstanding. This is by far the best reflexology treatment I have ever received.

16th March 2018
Laura’s reflexology sessions with Mum and massages with my sister and myself are a regular part of our lives now.  An experienced and professional practitioner.  A great lady.

7th March 2018
 “The massage was brilliant. Laura was lovely and very accommodating; we all had more than 10 mins and she really went the extra mile and spoilt us. If she felt (literally) there was a “niggle” she worked at it to help relieve any discomfort, I would say everyone had a least 25 /30 mins.  I will be contacting her privately to have more massages in the future”

6th March 2015
Top class – keep it up. Highly recommended and will book again on my next visit to the UK.

6th January 2018
Having never had a massage before, I feel very relaxed, loose and invigorated.  I didn’t realise I was holding so much tension in my neck and shoulders and definitely feel the difference now.  Thank you Laura, I’ll be back for more.

2nd October 2017
Best massages I’ve ever had and now going regularly to sort out aching back, neck, shoulders.  Laura works wonders on aching and sore muscles.

22nd September 2017
Absolutely amazing deep tissue massage. What a huge difference before and after treatment. Never realised how tight my back was but after the treatment man I had so much range of motion returned…best massage I’ve ever had. I would totally recommend Kirky’s Therapies to everyone. You will not be disappointed.

4th September 2017
I had the most amazing massage from Laura today. Laura relieved the tension in my neck, back and shoulders and worked wonders on my hands and arms. Usually I like to have a good old chat but today I was silent and thoroughly enjoyed my treatment. I Can’t recommend her enough and won’t be going anywhere else for my treatments from now on. She’s an absolute gem! Thank you!

11th August 2017
Laura is superb at diagnosing and treating the problem!
She has managed to alleviate my very painful back problem, when all other avenues had failed!  I highly recommend her.

10th August 2017
Many thanks to Laura Kirkwood for the deep tissue massage today in preparation for the 150 miles in a day cycle challenge.  At present I feel like I have been hit by a bus but am reassured I will feel 18 again tomorrow!  Great service and highly recommended!

2nd July 2017
I went to Laura with very painful frozen shoulder symptoms, which was restricting most day to day activities. Within a few treatments the range of movement in my shoulder is now almost 100%.  Laura has a very professional approach and I would thoroughly recommend her.

5 June 2017
My wife and I have benefitted from Laura’s treatments when needed for about two years now – we’ve both had accidents resulting in occasional bouts of back and/or neck pain. Jacqui had some quite severe back pain a couple of months ago and Laura used energy field therapy. It was immediately effective with a big reduction in pain and after three sessions the pain ceased and has not returned. Jacqui and I have seen many therapists over our many (!) years and Laura is blessed with healing hands. We recommend her highly.

22 March 2017
Had Reflexology for the first time today with this lovely lady! Highly rec’d as felt so relaxed after I floated out of the room! Will definitely book in again with her for this! Perfect timing in one of the most stressful week’s of my life, thank you Laura! xx

23 February 2017
I have been seeing Laura for a while now for persistent back trouble.  I cannot comment highly enough as she is extremely professional and knowledgeable and she certainly knows what spots to hit.  I always feel 100 times better when I’ve had my treatment.  Highly recommended to anyone, whatever your aches and pains are.

 Ingrid S.  – 5 star -April 11, 2016

I first encountered Laura last August in Birmingham, and was so blown away that I asked if she would come down to London and give treatments to my friends and myself! Which she now does regularly!
She’s gifted and intuitive with what and how she works on you! I’ve had both massages and chakra balancing and they’re both off the charts! Can’t praise or recommend her enough!!!

April 9, 2016
Laura is an amazing healer. I highly recommend her for her Energy Field Therapy! My experience with her was unlike any other, the best!

April 8, 2016
Both me & my partner have been suffering from dreadful back pain, I couldn’t recommend anyone else other than Laura! Professional and has some an amazing skill and passion. Thank you!

March 21, 2016
I had the chance to have massage from Laura twice during my time in UK and that was amazing. Thanks to her I could relaxing and sleep very well. I’ll speak about your lovely power (yes you got magic in your hands…) even in France so you’ll exercise all over the world! wink emoticon hope I’ll see you again Laura, and thank you so much xxxx

March 7, 2016
Had my second massage with Laura on Saturday! Absolutely amazing.
It’s not just a massage – it’s a healing session too and you can literally feel the healing energy radiating from her hands. Felt so well and relaxed afterwards. Her presence is very calming and nurturing creating a perfect environment for the session. I highly recommend this massage it’s a whole body holistic treatment! Excellent!

March 2. 2016
Really lovely head & shoulder massage. She found all the tension spots & worked them away. Highly recommended.

February 18, 2016
Had my first deep tissue massage with Laura a couple of weeks ago and for someone who always suffers with tension in their back, Laura managed to break down the knots in my back and it gave me the best nights sleep, I’d had in weeks!
As Laura will now be operating in Esher since my first treatment, this makes it even easier for me to get regular treatments……..cant wait for my next one. Thanks so much Laura, Melissa x

January 15, 2016
I have had the pleasure of experiencing all of Laura’s therapies but especially her reflexology and massage treatments on several occasions now over almost a year!! Every single one has be wonderful and every time I have found myself going into a beautifully relaxed and blissful state!! I absolutely recommend Laura whether you need actual treatment or just some self indulgence for personal well being and maintenance!! Worth every penny and then some!!

November 2, 2015
I’ve had 3 massage sessions with Laura now and they worked wonders for my aching back/shoulders. Very relaxing too, to the point of really helping me sleep later on that night. Laura has a really lovely manner about her treatments and makes you feel very at ease whether you want to chat away or simply relax and take in the experience. My back twinges have all but gone now for the first time in ages and I highly recommend Laura if you have similar issues, especially the deep tissue work she does. She also did some excellent energy work and gave me great feedback and reassurance. All in all a really great experience which I will definitely be indulging in again!

December 29, 2015
Myself & Partner had our first session with Laura just before Christmas. It was just what we needed. Iv never had a massage like this where Iv literally felt the relief of tension go. Also Laura herself is a lovely lady who makes u feel comfortable straight away. Would deffinatly recomend. I booked another appointment straight away!! ?

October 19, 2015
I had a half day session with Laura three days ago and have been feeling blissfully chilled and relaxed since. As a result, I now fully recommend visits to Laura whether you are experiencing aches or pains or are low in energy and need a boost, or just because you deserve a treat. I felt that I was in skilled and caring hands with Laura; she used a variety of treatments to enhance my wellbeing and best of all a problem I had with restricted mobility in my shoulder seems to have fully resolved as a result of her treatments. FANTASTIC!!

November 8, 2015
My therapy with Laura was absolutely wonderful. Laura has magic hands. Finds all the sore spots and works on them, and you feel so much better the next day. Deeply relaxing, I had a very good nights sleep with no hip ache. Thank you.

October 2, 2015
I have been fortunate to have had many treatments from Laura over the years, from treating myself to a lovely massage prior to exams and my daughters wedding, reflexology whichbwas amazing and an unbelievable life changing session of psych-k. I highly recommend Laura as a therapist, a lovely lady who takes time and listens to your requirements.

Janice Ann N. – 5 star – November 12, 2015
I had an energy field treatment with Laura that was truly amazing. I felt totally relaxed and her care for me was very professional. A friendly service with a range of wonderful therapies.

November 8, 2015
Amazing session thank you so very much. So relaxing and tired after. Slept like a dream And my hips did not hurt or ache all night, wow first time in ages. Hips not aching this morning either. Thank you. 😇🌸💐

October 12, 2015

The massage has been truly amazing for me, back & leg pain gone & reflexology is wonderful relaxing & at times I could feel the pulses coming through my body. Would recommend 100% thank you Laura.

Cazzie D. – 5 star – October 4, 2015

Every time I have a treatment with Laura, I feel amazing. Laura works really intuitively and knows just what you need and you can’t help but feel confident in her abilities. I’d have a treatment every day if I lived nearer to Laura.

Manni D.  – 5 star – October 3, 2015

I had a fantastic deep tissue massage, Laura works intuitively and gets into the right spots gently and effectively. I highly recommend and look forward to my next appointment!

Kathleen H. – 5 star – October 10, 2015

Whether for medical ailments or deep tissue massage Laura has done wonders for me. Her healing intuition flow through her hands. Highly recommended. After a recent severe fracture to my clavicle Laura did various alternative healing treatments on me. The consultant, who thought I would probably have to surgery to have a plate fitted, yesterday said it was not necessary due to how the shoulder healed. Thank you Laura.

Caroline P.  – 5 star – December 1, 2015

If you live with chronic pain , this lovely lady is a game changer!

Trevor W. – 5 star – October 5, 2015

As a qualified masseur I know when someone can do proper massage. Laura most certainly can.

Kira W. – 5 star – November 1, 2015

Loved it! Thank you so much Laura! Back is feeling MUCH better!!!

Janice B. – 5 star – October 11, 2015

Neal C. – 5 star – October 2, 2015

Truly relaxing and cleansing. The information was incredible. I look forward to the next treatment.

Claire R. – 5 star – November 6, 2014

Best reflexology treatment I have ever had!

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