Massage Treatments Available

Every client is uniquely different and I am happy adapt my technique and pressure to suit the individual.

Deep Tissue Massage/Soft Tissue Release
Neck and shoulder tension is very common and largely due to our current lifestyles of work, use of mobiles, laptops, tablets.  This combined with the ever increasing amount of stress we place ourselves under commonly leads to poor posture, contributing to aches, pains, stiff joints or spine, headaches or migraines and sometimes a sprained or twisted joint which can be severely debilitating. Sciatica symptoms, piriformis syndrome, low back pain and so many more symptoms develop.

Benefits of Regular Massage Treatments:

Relieves neck, shoulder, hip or back pain or stiffness
Eases stiffness and tension in muscles and joints
Increases mobility and flexibility
Relieves frozen shoulder symptoms
Relieves tension headaches, migraines
Eases symptoms of anxiety and stress
Improves blood circulation
Helps drain lymph fluid (lymphatic drainage massage)
Benefits post-operative rehabilitation
Eases and treats sciatic symptoms
Treats piriformis syndrome
Helps to relieve sleep problems
Fabulous Stressbuster

StressBuster Relaxation Full Body (Swedish) Massage (Ladies Only)
Using gentle to firm pressure, this massage is more relaxing whilst it gently releases tension from the body.  The finishing touch is gentle massage of the feet.  The client is able to decline facial or abdomen massage as preferred.  Incredibly relaxing with music of your choice allowing you to drift off, letting all your stress go.

Neck and Shoulder (Upper Back) Massage
Excellent option for neck and shoulder tension if you are unable to lay face down on the massage couch or prefer a ‘no oil’ option where you are massaged through your clothes using firm to deep pressure.  I use a massage chair designed for you to straddle it and lean forward into the face cradle.  This allows me to apply some pressure whilst you remain firmly supported.  If you have any mobility issues or are pregnant (past the first three months) then it is still possible to work on your neck and shoulders whilst you remain seated comfortably in a chair.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD)
Particularly useful for Lymphoedema (excess fluid retention in arms, feet, ankles, legs) or surgery where Lymph Nodes have been removed.  The lymphatic system requires body movement to pump lymph fluid through the body, and also works with your immune system helping to remove excess fluid, waste, toxins and bacteria.  If you live a rather sedentary lifestyle this is an option to help boost your immunity.  Sometimes your Lymphatic System needs a bit of a boost if you’ve been a bit under the weather and poorly, or have undergone surgery.  Unlike a regular massage, this treatment is actually very light and gentle, moving the lymph fluid that lies between the skin and muscle, acting as a pump for the lymphatic system.

If you require MLD for any post-liposuction or similar procedure please contact me to discuss your history and requirements.   A series of MLD sessions will need to be booked and confirmed at least 3 weeks prior to your first session and all sessions  paid for in full one week prior to your first session.

Terms and Conditions will apply.

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