I have been involved in caring for others, energy or spiritual healing and massage therapy for most of my life as I grew up in this environment.  I started Kirkys Therapies in 2015 with a range of therapies to offer but mostly focussed on Remedial Massage. 

PSYCH-K® came into my life in 2007 when I completed the Basic Workshop with Cazzie Dare.  I used the PSYCH-K® approach with myself constantly for years before I began offering sessions to clients professionally in 2018.  This has now become my main focus having experienced incredible personal changes in my life and seeing others make awesome changes in their own lives from just one or two sessions.   

The impact of how simple and yet so very effective PSYCH-K® is never ceases to surprise me and  I find it incredibly rewarding to be able to offer this as a service to others.  Many of my massage clients have chosen to book a PSYCH-K® session – and I remain humbled by the enormity of this gift.  With PSYCH-K® I am able to facilitate change in others as they make amazing changes in their own lives, creating a new reality for themselves.  

With Advanced Deep Tissue Massage I am able to help clients improve their posture, stress levels, and overall well-being.  It is suggested that stress causes at least 90% of all illness and disease, the stress hormone Cortisol shuts down your immune system and creates chaos and confusion in the everyday running of your body’s system.  Massage has become a healthy necessity for healthy survival in this extremely busy and stressful world of today.

Please browse my Testimonials page to see what some of my clients have said about me.  You can also find most of these reviews on my Facebook Page.


 (Instructor – Cazzie Dare)
Advanced Integration 
Master Facilitation
Divine Integration  Cazzie Dare/Sharon Lock)
Health & Wellbeing Program (Duccio Locati/Cazzie Dare)

Diploma (ITEC) in Holistic Massage (Merit) (Level 3)
Deep Tissue (IPTI) Massage
Seated Acupressure Massage (IPTI) 
Postural Correction & Soft Tissue Release Techniques 
Osteopathic Techniques (Sport & Spine) – March 2019 Cameron Reid (Osteopath) 
Registered Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT)

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