Also Referred to as Manipulative Therapy, Physical Therapy, Bodywork, Remedial Massage or Soft Tissue Therapy.

Neck and shoulder tension is very common and largely due to our current lifestyles of work, use of mobiles, laptops, tablets.  This combined with the ever increasing amount of stress we place ourselves under commonly leads to poor posture, contributing to aches, pains, stiff joints or spine, headaches or migraines and sometimes a sprained or twisted joint which can be severely debilitating. Sciatica symptoms, piriformis syndrome, low back pain and so many more symptoms develop.

Benefits of Regular Massage Treatments:

Relieves neck, shoulder, hip or back pain or stiffness and pain
Eases stiffness and tension in muscles and joints
Increases mobility and flexibility
Relieves frozen shoulder /tennis elbow symptoms
Relieves tension headaches, migraines
Eases symptoms of anxiety and stress
Improves blood circulation
Helps drain lymph fluid (lymphatic drainage massage)
Benefits post-operative rehabilitation
Eases and treats sciatic symptoms
Treats piriformis syndrome
Helps to relieve sleep problems
Fabulous Stressbuster

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