Benefits of Regular Massage

Regular Massage Benefits – A customers’ story:

Regular Massage

When I first met Laura at Kirkys Therapies, I was suffering with a lot of tension in my back caused by a sedentary job, and a lot of heavy lifting and moving at the weekends (garden makeover and a house move).

As the months went by, and Laura worked her magic, I felt the neck tension get better and the back pain lessen. Regular massage certainly seemed to be working.

Stopping The Routine

Then I stopped the regular massage (the house move took over my life for a bit) and the pain came back with a vengeance. In fact the pain had moved into my hip too.

The pain was so bad that even sitting for prolonged periods caused a searing, burning ache in my hip and buttock.

How I Benefit

Eventually, I called Laura and booked myself in for a very gentle (ish) massage.

Laura realised I was one giant knot, and set to work on my aching body. The crunching and popping slowly ceased with every prod and poke, and after a little bit of movement to release the soft tissue in my hip and buttock, Laura ended the hour with a much needed head massage to help unwind me.

I booked myself in for the following month.

I can honestly say that in the days between the massage, I felt no hip pain whatsoever until the two days before the next massage was due.

It was like someone had taken the pain away and popped it into a box for safekeeping.

I would recommend a regular massage to anyone, as it helps relieve my tension and pain on a long-term basis.

Of course, my story may be very different to yours, but I really appreciate the effort Laura goes to, to ensure that I am crunch and pop free until the next time.

Thank you Laura.

– Tracy (very happy customer)