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PSYCH-K® – A simple and effective set of processes used to transform or change any self-limiting programs/beliefs held in the subconscious level of the mind.  Re-program your subconscious mind – upgrade your personal software!  

What is going on in your life is usually a reflection of your subconscious programming.  Change the Program – Change your life. 

A PSYCH-K® session can help you change subconscious beliefs around confidence, self-esteem, prosperity, any traumatic or stressful situations, people or events, self-worth, and so much more. 

Remove blocks held in the subconscious level of your mind that may be stopping you from reaching your goals in life.

PSYCH-K®️ can help you approach any illness or disease with an enhancing and more positive outlook by changing your BELIEFS around the situation.   


PSYCH-K® - Free your Mind




Deep Tissue/Remedial
Stressbuster Relaxing Full Body (Ladies only)
Neck & Shoulder seated

Advanced Massage can be very beneficial to ease or alleviate Acute or Chronic health and wellbeing conditions – such as back ache, tension headaches, sciatic issues, MS, ME, fibromyalgia, stress, frozen shoulder syndrome.

You may just want a relaxing, nurturing or pampering massage to take away the stresses of the week, or you may have difficulty laying on a massage couch and just want a neck and shoulder massage.  

If you have had lymph nodes surgically removed, or suffer from lymphoedema, or just feel run down and fatigued – a lymphatic drainage massage could be the very gentle boost you need.

Please note I do not treat any cosmetic post surgery conditions.

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