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A simple and effective set of processes used to transform or change any self-limiting programs/beliefs held in the subconscious level of the mind. 

Re-program your subconscious mind – upgrade your personal software!  

What is going on in your life is usually a reflection of your subconscious programming.  Change the Program – Change your life. 

Remove blocks held in the subconscious level of your mind that may be stopping you from reaching your goals in life.

PSYCH-K®️ can help you approach any illness or disease with an enhancing and more positive outlook by changing your BELIEFS around the situation.   

PSYCH-K®️ can really help you change or modify the subconscious programming which is keeping you locked into a cycle that just does not work for you anymore:

Areas of your life that you may find limiting beliefs or self-sabotage patterns  include:

Health and Wellbeing
Financial issues
Relationships (family, friends, colleagues, partner, husband/wife)
Rapport (with humans and/or pets)
Poverty Consciousness (no matter how hard you try – you’re always broke)
Courage to be YOU – not how other people think you should be

A PSYCH-K®️ session can also help you change the perception held in your subconscious mind around any traumatic or distressing situation, event or person.  This can help you release any unwanted or distressing emotional charge associated with any such event, situation or person.  Using this particular protocol you do not have to share details of the incident(s) – we can still proceed with the Balance (2 – 5 minutes).

The impact of how simple and yet so very effective PSYCH-K® is never ceases to surprise me and  I find it incredibly rewarding to be able to offer this as a service to others.  Many of my massage clients have chosen to book a PSYCH-K® session – and I remain humbled by the enormity of this gift. 

If you are ready, willing and able to make a commitment to yourself – to take responsibility for your own life – book a PSYCH-K®️ Session today.



Registered Member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT).

Deep Tissue/Soft Tissue Release
Stressbuster Relaxing Full Body (Ladies only)
Neck & Shoulder seated
Manual Lymphatic Drainage (T’s & C’s apply)

Deep Tissue Massage can be very beneficial to ease or alleviate Acute or Chronic health and wellbeing conditions – such as back pain, tension headaches or migraines, sciatic issues,  tennis elbow, fibromyalgia, stress, frozen shoulder.

It is suggested that stress causes at least 90% of all illness and disease.  If we put ourselves through a continuous onslaught of stress without taking care of ourselves (i.e. regular massage/spa breaks/meditation/yoga) we develop too much of the stress hormones in our system which eventually leads to a number of illnesses and ailments, both mental and physical, such as depression or insomnia, thyroid issues, weight gain or loss, tension headaches and so on.  Our bodies and systems need time to REST and DIGEST – booking that massage session is NOT a luxury.  In today’s lifestyle where nothing ever stops – IT IS A HEALTH AND WELLBEING NECESSITY!

You may just want a relaxing, nurturing or pampering massage to take away the stresses of the week, or you may have difficulty laying on a massage couch and just want a neck and shoulder massage.

I find it incredibly rewarding to have a large number of regular clients booking in and referring me to their friends and I have developed many incredible friendships through my work.

If you have had lymph nodes surgically removed, or suffer from lymphoedema, or just feel run down and fatigued – a lymphatic drainage massage could be the very gentle boost you need.

Please note: 

Any cosmetic liposuction or similar procedures requiring manual lymphatic drainage can be booked via a series of pre-booked and paid for sessions.  These sessions need to be booked and confirmed at least 3 weeks prior to your first session.  Payment in full is required one week prior to your first session booked.
Terms and Conditions will apply. 
Please email, message or call me directly to discuss your requirements.

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